Packaging & Material handling is an extremely important aspect of static control.Like the workstation, this usually involves direct contact with sensitive products.The two main thrust of material handling are prevention of static generation andshielding from static charges. Electrotek is your one-stop-shop for all ESD Control related needs. We manufacturefull range of ESD Products for Packaging, ESD Safe Areas and Personnel Groundingand can help you develop and maintain a comprehensive static-control program.
Product Range

Antistatic Bags

 Low density Polyethylene impregnated with antistatic property.
  Prevent build-up of static charge and protect components from ESD damages.
  Available in roll tubing, cut sheet, bags, zip lock bags.
  12 Surface resistivity < 10 ohms/sq.

Antistatic Bubble Bags

 Low density Polyethylene impregnated with antistatic property.
  Protect components and PCB assemblies from ESD damages.
  Available in cut sheets, pouches and roll form.
 12 Surface resistivity < 10 ohms/sq.

Static Shielding Bubble Pouch

 Combine static shielding and air bubble cushioning bag.
 Layer combination according to requirement.
  Provide EMI / RFI shielding and ESD control for PCB assemblies.

Moisture Barrier Bags

 Specially designed for dry packaging of moisture sensitive components.Constructed with    Static dissipative outercoating, polyester barrier layer,
 polyethylene and static dissipative inner coating.
 Waterproof, vapourproof and greaseproof.

Static Shielding Bags

The ELECTROSHIELD 1900 Series static shielding bags are recognized as the most reliable, readily available, and competitively priced static shield bag in the electronic industry. This transparent metalized static shield bag provides a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices. Bags are available in custom size or in various industry standard sizes. Bags are offered with strong 2-sea configuration with bottom folding or 3 side sealing if required.

Antistatic & Conductive Foam

Antistatic Foams are available in Hard Expanded polyethylene (EPE) and Soft Polyurethane (PU) material. The Antistatic Foams EPE foams sheets are available in thickness of 2mm, 5 mm and any other thickness as per customer's requirement. Soft Antistatic PU Foams are manufactured and die cut as per customer's requirement.
Surface Resitivity : 1012 ? /sq
Density : 30 – 35 kg/cu.Mt
Conductive PU and EVA Foams are available in Different thicknessas per customers requirement

SD Vacuum Formed Tray