We are a value driven customer focused company which lead the ESD control product market in India .We believe in building long term relationships with our customers and thrive to deliver high quality products and services to our esteemed customer.
Pursuing an Aim
When vision had no horizon and imagination was boundary-less, the two technocrats in 1993 gave shape to their dreams. Since then, Electrotek is engaged in designing, developing and manufacturing of high qualityESD products for defense, scientific and industrial applications.
Strengthening Partnerships......Nurturing Collaboration
Our focus and dedication has helped us to become one of the leading names for ESD control and clean room products. Electrotek is a one-stop-shopfor all ESD Control related needs. We manufacture full range of ESD Products for Packaging, ESD Safe Areas and Personnel Grounding andcan help you develop and maintain a comprehensive static-control program.
Our clients are our motivation, their satisfaction our goal
Our products are the result of careful research and development, rigorous testing, and continuing performance-evaluation. Our commitment to quality and reliability is backed by over 100 satisfied customers.Electrotek has been a leader in providing innovative solutions for control of STATIC in Electronics, Pharmaceutical and Explosive Manufacturing / Handling environment for more than adecade.Electrotek offers a complete syste.matic approach to assist you in establishing acomprehensive STATIC CONTROL PROGRAME .Our focus and dedication has helped us to become one of the leading names for ESD control and Clean Room Products.The Company has build up formidableknow-how experience. Today we are proud to announce that we are the majorsuppliers of ESD and clean room product suppliers to IT and Telecommunication industry.Electrotek - with no wall that hinders, just open space with a solid foundation & aturnover of over 20mn today is ready to shape the future with its creative capabilities and is embarking at major investments and diversifications in comingdecade.
Our infrastructure is the cause, work well done the effect
Headquartered in New Delhi , India our modern facilities, skilled and Experienced staffs are committed to supporting domestic customers and partners,With high technology products and integrated systems.Our technology domains strengthen our capabilities, with dedicated supportTeams to provide logistic, production and through-life support services.