ESD Testing & Measuring Instruments
Our rich collection of ESD control testing/measuring instruments is in much demand in Indian and foreign markets alike. Most reasonably priced, these instruments are compact in size and therefore can be carried anywhere with ease and comfort. They are used for testing the validity of ESD products as well as measuring the presence of static on surfaces, materials & people.
Product Range

Fume Absorber

ELECTROTEK has been a world leader in the manufacture and sale of Electrostatic Measuring, Monitoring, Test and Simulation Equipment since 1993. ELECTROTEK also provides testing services in our Independent ESD Material Testing Laboratory along with ESD Auditing and Consulting services. Many applications require the measurement of voltage or electrostatic charge on surfaces that are either stationary or in motion. The build-up of electrostatic charge during handling, manufacturing, assembly and other operations can seriously affect production capacity and quality.