Explore our splendid range of ESD control products, which is painstakingly fabricated from top quality material to ensure long life trouble free service to our esteemed clients. Our work-area grounding is indispensable in places,where a close contact between personnel and computers & digital equipmentis present. Make your workspace ESDprotected area with our ESD control products, whichinclude antistatic floor mats, conductive rubber mats and many others. .
Product Range

ESD Tile

ESD Tile contain conductive elements of the carbon family that arerandomly bur precisely distributed throughout the tile to provide throughtileconductivity. The tile provides a solution to static discharges in today's technological environments.
Material: Heavy duty vinyl floor tile
Size : 600 x 600 x 2.0 / 2.5 / 3mm 
Clean rooms, Electronics manufacturingassembly, Test areas, Computer and elect ronic equipment ins tal lat ions ,Communication center, ESDfacilities, Laboratories, Explosion-hazard rooms,Control rooms etc.
 Permanent conductivity 
 A homogeneous solid vinyl tile with conductive elements distributed throughout its entire thickness.
 Excellent characteristics of chemical resistance,anti-scratch,dimensional stability and durability.


The anti-static mat 'ground' the static charge that has built up on the body, clothesand any tools when it is laid on a shelf or on the floor and connected to the Earthgrounding point. It protect all ESD devices from any damage. These mats arespecially fabricated with a conductive material and compound rubber.

ESD Rubber Mat

These antistatic rubber mats are used in micro-electronic factories, high-level laboratories,construction of electronic & communication equipment and integrated circuits.
“ELECTROSTAT” Antistatic is a three layered homogeneous and flexible vinyl flooring manufactured in India using the latest calendaring technology form South Korea
Electrical resistance: 5 X 104 – 5 X 108 ohms
Electrical resistance (Conductive): <104 ohms
Thickness: 2 mm (0.5 mm Sandwiched carbon layer)
Colour: Blue / Grey / Brown
Roll Width: 1.5 & 2 mtr
Roll Length: 15 – 20 Running mtr

ESD Work Stations

Recommended application areas include units manufacturing sensitive electronic equipments, Integrated circuits, Computer rooms and E.D.P.Units, Radar Stations, Catscan centres, Operation Theatres, Research Laboratories, Quality control Labs, Control rooms and Telephone Exchanges, etc.
Durable, secure technical electronic workstation provides the utmost in versatility, aesthetically pleasing design and productivity. Typical applications include test, service, repair and quality.
 Antistatic table top
 Shelf for storage and drawer on the right side bottom of table top.
 Provision to fix 10 nos of Antistatic bins & to hand drawing for operator reference.
 4 nos of power points 5 amps with main on-off switch main indicator lamp and MCB
 Snap fasteners for grounding connection.
 Frames powder coated or ESD powder coated.