Create ultra-clean and safe environment in your area with our dexterously developed clean room products, which are known amidst our quality and beauty conscious customers for removing even the littlest particles of contamination from the room. Our clean room products are used on a large basis in different industries around the world.
Product Range

ESD Fabric

Our ESD fabrics are made from 100% polyester continuous filament yarns,with electrical conductive fibers interwoven in striped or checked pattern at regular intervals. The fabric are designed and engineered to exceed cleanroom and ESD requirements. They are durable with excellent
washability, comfortable with superior ventilation and sweat absorption.

Antistatic Fabric

Jumpsuit, smock, sleeves, apron, cap, scarf made to required design.Various colours are available.

ESD Gloves & Booties

Made from high quality conductive fiber with polyester which protects sensitive devices against ESD damages. These Gloves are suitable for normal and less stringent controlled environment. They also come in special coatings on the palm side to provide better grip while wearing them. The Polyurethane coating on the gloves provides anti-slip and anti-cut. The Finger-tip gloves made from 100% nylon with polyurethane coated on the fingertips. All the gloves are lint-free gloves and available in S, M, L sizes.

ESD Mat & Chair

These sticky mat is mainly used for removing dust from shoe soles to keep the surrounding clean. It is used in different industries like Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Semiconductor, Printed Circuits, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Component Manufacturing and many more.
Electro static dissipative operator chair is essentially designed for discharge the accumulated electrical charges for the operator during critical electronic assembly.
 Material: antistatic PU leather
  Color - blue and black
 Dimensions: 430 x 400mm (chair seat); 400 x 300mm (chair back)
  Height: adjustable between 440 and 600mm (supplied with 160mm
  adjustable pneumatic rod)
  Surface resistance: 103-106? or 106-109?
  System resistance: =109?
  Plastic star shaped foot, (on wheels)
 High strength and durable nylon castor
  Built-in conductive metal chain