ESD Personnel Grounding products are vital safeguarding elements while using static sensitive electronic devices in production zones. Human beings are one of the main sources of static electricity. While people move about, contact and separation with things, creates static charge that is left on the objects as well as the people. This process referred to as Tribocharging can be caused by anything from walking across carpets to turning door knobs. In zones where personnel and electronic devices coexits, this charge is undesirable and dangerous.By grounding personnel, static charges can be combined with opposing charges from the earth, even as charges are generated on people. This helps to avoidESD and also ensures protection of vital electronic devices.
Product Range

ESD Heel Straps


  Fits all shoes, durable, long life, will not tear
  Comfort and adjustability
 Highly abrasion resistant, long lasting.
  Ensures complete static dissipation.
  Comes with 1 meg ohm safety resistor.

Cordless Wrist Strap

This device neutralizes over 80% of the static ions on a human body. It maintains the potential of a human body 150v and hence protect theElectronic Components.

ESD Adustable Elastic Wrist Strap

The conductive elastic bans is made of polyester, and woven stainless steel/nickel fibres.Fits to any size & adjustable.

Matal Expansion Wrist Strap

 Comfortable, designed not to pinch or pull hair.
 Long wearing, easy to clean, superior contact.
 Adjusts quickly and easily to any size.
 For reliable removal of generated static charges.

ESD Shoe

 Durable, low dust generation & comfortable.
 Non-slip PVC sole, does not stain floor.
 Resistance of the sole: 106 -109 ohms/sq. m

ESD Safety Shoe

 Most shoecomfortable Steel toe safety .
 Uppers are mode from genuine leather for comfort
 Steel toe cap can take up to 15 kn of resting pressure and is also rust resistant.

ESD Slipper

 Light weight and comfortable.
 Resistance of the sole: 106 -109 ohms/sq
 Sizes – 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.